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Competing in a Tight Labor Market

Led by an Advisory Committee of business leaders with Coalition on Adult Basic Education and SkillsUSA, Behind Every Employer strategically connects companies with educational leaders across the country to provide solutions for the workforce talent challenges they face both today and in the future. Adult education and career technical education (CTE) can be highly effective in preparing students for the world of work by teaching them contextualized workplace competencies. These competencies are important for success in today’s economic landscape as they align students’ skills with the market demands of business and industry.

Employers across the nation have found that by partnering with their local educational leaders they can tap into services and solutions to grow their current workforce skills and the future workers that are desperately needed to stay competitive.

View some of the powerful high impact results of industry and education partners and contact us for more information about how our network of educational leaders can support your workforce needs. Find an educational partner near you.

Complex workforce issues are solved through public/private partnerships.

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