Workforce Talent to

Keep You Competitive

Through high impact partnerships with industry, our network of adult and career technical education providers ensure that companies have the workforce talent now and in the future to keep them competitive.

Ways to Engage

Employers connect with educators in your area to tap into workforce strategies for your company.

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Talent Recruitment

Tired of wasting money on recruitment efforts that take too much time? We match our students with your open positions for hire and for work-based learning opportunities such as internships and apprenticeships.

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Advisory Boards

Your voice counts! Our advisory boards give you an opportunity to make sure that our educators design curriculum that teaches students the skills they need to keep your business competitive.

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Our education network receives special funding to support employers in designing a highly effective apprenticeship program to groom workforce talent. Let us take care of the details and collaborate with you on the type of apprenticeship experience that best works for your business.

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Your participation in internships means that you get to try out the latest talent in your industry, a cost-effective workforce strategy for finding the perfect match for your company and mitigating your hiring risks.

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Building a pipeline of talent takes highly effective partnerships between education and industry. A mentorship experience can get your company’s brand in front of the next generation of workers.

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Workplace Literacy

Workplace literacy programs are employee training programs that focus on developing essential literacy and other foundational skills needed for the work. These are defined as essential reading, writing, math, English language, and digital fluency. Learn more about these programs.

The Hidden Solutionfor Employer Workforce Challenges

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Education Innovations

Employers connect with educators in your area to tap into workforce strategies for your company.

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Meet Our Business Partners

Contact us for more information about how our network of educational leaders can support your workforce needs.

Complex workforce issues are solved through public/private partnerships.

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